The following is a list of interstellar colonies settled by Humans, Neo-Chimpanzees, and Neo-Dolphins, excluding the three races' homeworld Earth.

As of 2246 C.E., there were three Human colony worlds. As of 2487 C.E., there were ten Terragen colonies.[1]

  • Atlast is a new and rustic colony world as of 2489 C.E., leased by Earthclan for a six thousand-year term.[2]
  • Calafia is Earthclan's largest extrasolar settlement, the first to host a sizable population of Neo-Dolphins,[3] and the only Terran colony not located on a "recovery world."[1]
  • Deemi is a desolate planet with a thin atmosphere that is home to both the Terragens Colonial Office research center[4] and the Voohuaja District, a penal colony for Galactic undesirables. It is one of the Canaan colonies.[5]
  • Garth is a world still reeling from an ecological holocaust wreaked upon it by its last tenants, the Bururalli. It was invaded by the Gubru during the Streaker crisis.[6]
  • Hermes is a world of quaint farmlands[7] which was believed to be capable of defending itself from Galactic assault during the early stages of the Streaker crisis.[8]
  • Horst is a disaster world of dry, windy steppes, inhabited by large numbers of regressed Probationers, or "Probshers,"[9] along with a smaller number of Terragens researchers living in Council Enclaves.[10] It is one of the Canaan colonies.[5]
  • NuDawn was a pre-Contact Earth colony, the first interstellar Human colony, settled in violation of Galactic law.[11] It was brutally sequestered by Jophur soldiers and Hoon bureaucrats.[12]
  • Omnivarium is a world notable for its native bird species, which are talented in mimicry.[13] It was believed to be capable of defending itself from Galactic assault during the early stages of the Streaker crisis.[8]
  • Three other unidentified colonies, as of 2487 C.E.[1]

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