The Soro (ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Gello-ul-Forski-ul-Paha-ul-Kisa) are a fictional extraterrestrial race in David Brin's Uplift Universe.

They are powerful enemies of Earth. Patrons to four different species (the Gello, Forski, Paha, and Kisa), they hold a place of prominence in the galactic civilization. In the Uplift series, they are described as being in an alliance with the Tandu.

Their patrons (the races that genetically modified them to sapience) are the Hul.

Reptilian, the Soro are approximately 13–14 feet long. They lay eggs and the birthing process is accelerated by hormones released during battle. Advancement through the ranks is shown in Startide Rising to be based on combat. Younger females can physically challenge leaders who they feel are unfit or sick to combat, but the process is risky, and death is often the result of a failed attempt.

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