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Streaker's Voyage of Discovery began in 2489 C.E.

  • Streaker launched. Crew is 120 dolphins, 7 humans.
  • Enters Shallow Cluster
  • Encounters Ghost Fleet
  • Contact made, Herbie discovered
  • Psi-cast home, coded message received
  • (psi-cast intercepted)
  • Ambush at Morgran nexus point
  • Hides on Kithrup.
  • Creideiki injured, several crew killed.
  • Thomas Orley lost. Hikahi lost. Keepiru lost.
  • Kiqui discovered. Karrank% rediscovered.
  • Betrayal at Oakka
  • Fractal System. Old Ones prove unhelpful, Fractal World destroyed. Hannes Suessi becomes cyborg. Emerson D'Anite lost in boat.
  • Emerson crashes on Jijo.
  • "Sooner's Path" discovered. Hull coated in soot. Hides on Jijo.
  • Leaves Jijo.
  • Encounters transcendents. Soot transformed.
  • Returns to Earth system.

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