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Welcome to Uplift WikiEdit

The Uplift Wiki is a wiki about the Uplift Universe a fictional universe created by science fiction writer David Brin. A central feature in this universe is the process of biological uplift.

The Uplift Novels Edit

Sundiver (1980) Startide Rising (1983) The Uplift War (1987)
Brightness Reef (1995) Infinity's Shore (1996) Heaven's Reach (1998)

Uplift Short Stories Edit

"Life in the Extreme"/"Aficionado" (1998) "Temptation" (1999) "Gorilla, My Dreams" (2009)

Uplift Reference Books Edit

Contacting Aliens: An Illustrated Guide to David Brin's Uplift Universe (2002) GURPS Uplift (1990, 2003)

Latest activity Edit

  • edit Hacker Torrey
    edited by Arbacca 43 seconds ago diff
    Added category: Humans
  • new page Hacker Torrey
    created by Arbacca 3 minutes ago
    New page: Hacker Torrey was a twenty-first century Human who inherited a good deal of wealth from his family. Once a litigious playboy, Torrey found a new...
    Summary: Created page.
  • edit Uplift Wiki
    edited by Arbacca 2 hours ago diff
    Summary: The Uplift Novels:
  • edit List of Earthclan colonies
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  • new page Omnivarium
    created by Arbacca 7 hours ago
    New page: Omnivarium is an Earthclan colony world that was settled prior to 2246 C.E. The planet was notable for its native avian life, which possessed a...
    Summary: Created page.
    Added categories: Planets, Travel, Locations
  • new page Hermes
    created by Arbacca 10 hours ago
    New page: Hermes is an Earthclan colony world of quaint farmlands[1] which, along with Omnivarium, was believed to be capable of defending itself...
    Summary: Created page
    Added categories: Planets, Travel, Locations
  • edit Pier-nesters
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  • edit List of Earthclan colonies
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    Summary: Finished!
    Added categories: Travel, Locations, Planets, Lists
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    New page:
    Summary: page creation?
    Added category: Content
  • edit List of planets
    edited by Arbacca 22 hours ago diff
    Summary: Deleted Shokodo until such time we can confirm its existence. Still to do: fix descriptions of Atlast and Calafia, remove speculation throughout the article. This list may have come from an Alliance for Progress roleplay site, by the way.

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