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The Urs are a short-lived centaur-like species with four legs and two small armlike appendages, two pouches on each side of the forebody contain a brood of offspring or a miniature husband, and three eyes shaped into a triangular structure. Urs males are tiny and female are leaders, warriors, etc. They came to Jijo to escape breeding restrictions.

They are hydrophobic and live in the hot plains. Urs prefer to drink blood unless severely dehydrated and are hydrophobic enough to find direct skin contact with water unpleasantly caustic. Wet Urs dry themselves as soon as possible and may even shave off their hair to avoid fungus and rot.

Urs are mortal enemies of the Hoon in Galactic Society and somewhat friendly toward Humans. Urs that live on Jijo are friendlier to Hoons who live near water where Urs avoid. They initially engaged in open warfare with the Humans before the Jijo commons was formed, and both find the other to have an unpleasant smell.